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MULTIBOOT I – ARGENT , 4 Câbles 30cm Inclus – POUR BAIE 5.25″ DE PC [GREY-SILVER 5.25″ BAY]

$119.95 $94.95

MULTIBOOT I Couleur Gris-Argent, multiplicateur PC




It is easy to install and allows you to increase the versality and capacity of your computer and to upgrade the efficiency of your operating systems.


Instead of using a single bootable disc (HDD or SSD) in your computer, you can manage up to 4 different discs.


The slider selector is very user-friendly to access one of your bootable discs. You only have to select the right slot and start your computer like you always do. The other bootable discs will remain into a secure and unpowered state until you want to use them. They are then protected from viruses and power outrages.






* 4 cables  (30cm).

* 1 electronic slider selector 4 positions.

* 4 clear blue led indicator.

* Quick Installation Guide, and 4 screws.




If you use a Multiboot1 for managing your bootable discs, you will never be stopped by viruses or disc breakdowns since you can backup all your files on an unpowered disc.


It also gives your computer the power to run Windows 7, Windows 10 and even the next windows operating system release in a few months ALL IN THE SAME COMPUTER. You can even install ChromeOS, AndroidOS, Linux, Clone and more.


You do not need to use complex softwares and applications to have different operating systems, just use Multiboot1.


*Also available for bay 5.25” , bay 3.5”, and rear PC Slot.

* no software required  to install.

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